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Xinyu south wollastonite co., LTD
Address:Jiangxi xinyu YuShui district and township
The phone: 0790-6710815   
A mobile phone: 13807902693 13979026187   

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The base

The new south——The bearing,Open up the future

The new technology——Innovation,Fine management


The new marketing——Win-win situation,Service all over the world

Company profile

Create a world-class siliconGrey stoneLeading new materials

Asia has a large scale、Specialty,Engaged in wollastonite mining
Fine machining of the research and development, sales and marketing of integrated group of companies

Southern wollastonite products sell well in the world more than 30
Countries and regions

      With colleges and universities、National research institutions in close cooperation,Formed with wuhan
At the university、China university of mining production, relying on the union development pattern。The male
Company has a number of national invention patent technology and new type of practical technology,The system state
Level of high and new technology enterprise

Has the advanced mining、The processing technology,Well-equipped,The quality control precision,Mining
With the international advanced photoelectric integrated classification technology,PassedISO9001Countries
International quality system certification、ISO14001International environmental management system certification...

Asia has a large scale、Specialty

High and new technology enterprise

Innovation,Fine management

Sell well30Several countries

High and new technology
High and new technology
High and new technology
High and new technology
High and new technology
High and new technology
High and new technology
Areas of application

Products are widely used in plastics and rubber industries、Ceramic industry、Metallurgical industry、Fiber cement products、Ceramic fiber glass、Paint and other industries

High and new technology
High and new technology
High and new technology
High and new technology

Product center/PRODUCTS

The news
Suzhou non-metallic mineral industry design and research institute、Non-metallic mineral industry company of China、Jiangxi central African mineral materials co., LTD bearer and southern wollastonite industry research
China building materials association deputy secretary-general dong-hui pan investigations to my company
CERAMICS CHINA 2019 China ceramic industry technology and products show
CHINAPLAS 2019 International rubber show
I company of superfine acicular powder project nonmetalliferous ore second prize of science and technology
10Month22, the ministry of land and resources and land resources in jiangxi province led a line to my company research
The first26The rimini ceramic industry technology and equipment exhibition in Italy2018Years9Month24-28Held at rimini, Italy is the expo center,Welcome to our booth:C1 -188

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